What you need to know COVID-19

During this period where we are working hard to gradually recover our lifestyle, return to travel and continue discovering new places. It is important to maintain adequate measures to deal with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Madride Travel team want to keep you informe about all the measures and precautions you should take if you decide to join in one of our experiences. Step by step and working together, we will be able to recover our travel spirit.

Read below and find out what you need to know.

Many states are constantly enacting restrictions or prohibitions and new policies are implemented daily. It is for this reason that we are obliged to maintain constant communication once your reservation is made and up to 2 hours before it starts, to inform you of any last-minute changes.

As we collaborated with different tourist entities to carry out our activities. Your reservation could undergo a change and be modified up to 2 hours before being started for another time or day, and may even be canceled. (If the latter occurs, we will proceed with our cancellation policy that comes at the bottom of your reservation confirmation).

There’s no date when the restrictions will be removed by totality. If you are considering plan a trip, be sure to check the cancellation policy before booking. The following resources may be helpful.

At Madride Travel we have more than 30 different experiences throughout Madrid city. In addition to several new tours in different Spanish cities, then security measures may vary depending on the activity.

All the measures taken in each experience will have a fundamental intention, the safety of our travelers and guides, striving to ensure that the experience has the same quality that we are used to. Our measures are based on the official bulletins and all the advice presented by the corresponding organizations in the area of ​​health and tourism.

  • Strict control of the health and temperature of guides before and after the guided tour and/or excursion.
  • Reduced group size on guided tours and/or excursions to allow for a social distance of two metres.
  • Obligatory use of masks and gloves throughout the tour.
  • On excursions, a reduction in the capacity of the buses and/or minibuses to guarantee social distance, and exhaustive cleaning of the vehicle before and after the excursion.
  • No printed material which could be contaminated will be handed out (maps, booklets, brochures etc).

These measures are examples of the different actions that we are carrying out, although not all of them are carried out simultaneously in all our experiences: they will be adapted to the health needs of each territory, and always automatically subject to the approval of the corresponding official bodies.

1.Before travelling

The most important recommendation to keep in mind is that anyone with coronavirus-related symptoms should not even consider taking a trip. If you suspect that you or anyone of your travel partners may be infected with COVID-19, you must contact the health authorities so, they indicate you the process to follow depending on the symptoms that appear.

If you do not present any symptoms and you can start your trip safely, it is vitally important to take maximum care of your hygiene, frequently washing your hands with soap and always wearing an approved mask in public spaces.

Therefore, it’s important to pack enough masks for the whole trip, alcoholic hand gel (which can be replaced with water and soap when you don’t have these to hand), and a thermometer so you can check your temperature should you feel ill.


2.During the trip

While you enjoy your trip or any experience in public spaces, it is vital to continue taking precautions and hygiene as much as possible.

-Keeping a social distance of two meters with your guide and the rest of the people.

-Avoid contact with any object.

-Keep wearing a mask.

-Wash hands frequently


3.After the trip

Once your trip has finished, it’s important to monitor your health for the 14 days following your return home. Again, if you have any symptoms related to the coronavirus (fever, persistent cough, difficulty breathing) you should contact your health centre so they can indicate the steps to follow depending on your symptoms.



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